SMA, MACD, OSAMA with Ichimoku Cloud

Main strategy I’ve adopted from
Jennifer is trading reversal to the area between 50 and 100 SMA on 4h chart, usingMACD forest as a momentum for the trade.


I’ve adopted the strategy and just changed is so I can view it from 1h chart. Therefore when you look it from 1h chart, you have to multiply everything by 4. So blue moving averages are 200 and 400 and OsMA is simply moving average of oscillator (MT4 doesn’t have MACD histogram with lines), this is exacly the same thing. As standard settings are 12,26,9 I’ve multiplied them by 4 also.

When price is way below MA’s, and histogram is above 0, I will take trades in the direction of the blue moving averages (reversing to the mean).

Main idea is to have trend following and trend reversal strategy on the same chart.

Trend following strategy:

  • 50, 100 Linear weight MA’s (red lines)
  • MACD (12,26,9)
  • Ichimoku cloud

Trend following strategy is to trade in the direction of the moving averages and price being above/below the cloud as the consolidation area, with MACD histogram starting printing bars in that direction. There are the examples

Entries and exits are discrationary but I don’t like to leave much of my profit on the table. I’m moving my stop to BE with being +20, and exiting the market with 30-40 pips in profit.